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Who takes GRE(R) Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology:
GRE biochemistry is designed for all students who wish to enter a graduate program in biology major and related majors such as biochemistry (includes environmental biochemistry), molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, biotechnology, etc.

What is GRE(R) biochemistry:
- Examines 1)biochemistry, 2) cell & molec. biology, & 3) genetics.
- Paper-based test, composed of 180 multiple choice questions.
- 119 multiple choice questrions, 26 matching questions and 35 lab questions.
- 1/4 of your wrong answers will be subtracted from your score (no subtraction for unanswered ones).

Average score:
518 points

Prep e-materials:


Test taking strategy for GRE(R) biochemistry:


You don't have to study and memorize all the topics covered in biochemistry, cell bio., and genetics. For example, the test will not ask you to answer the name of diseases caused by a mutation of specific genes. There are major hot topics that are always asked in the test whereas some topics are asked only rarely.

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You don't have to read through thousands of pages over months. Just study what you need to study for the exam. We teach you what you need to study. All the necessary information included in this 'GRE Bichemistry Strategy.' (This 'GRE biochemistry Strategy' is included in the GRE biochemistry studying package!)

GRE(R) Biochemistry Practice Tests:



The level of the practice questions is finely designed to be equivalent or slightly more difficult than that of the real test. So you will find the real test easy after you complete these sample tests. Probably, you have already seen several other similar materials and the sample test provided by ETS.

Unfortunately, the most frequent comments given by those who used these materials is that the real exam is a lot harder than these materials. This does not happen if you use the GRE biochemistry practice tests provided by All the questions are designed by real experts on biochemistry, and that's why we can assure the quality of our materials.
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GRE Biochemistry


GRE biochemistry
3 major fields

Cell biology
cell bio
Molecular biology
and Genetics